Sunday Story Time

Steampunk ep2

Wherein we learn the stakes and we take sides

The players at this session were Pat playing Artemus, Nate playing Nigel and Chris playing Verne.

When we last left our crew they were returning from a bumpy acqusition of cargo from Absen Alchemical and were settling down into the normal routine of life on the ship. A call from Verne alerted the crew that a ship was approaching from the cloud cover beneath the ship with a Blue Sparrow emblazoned on the hull. A call shortly ran out to the engine room for more power just as Nigel was making this happen the intentions of the Blue Sparrow were made clear as two harpoons burst through the ship, One of which gave Nigel a window on his ship to enjoy the view. The rocket propelled docking party were quickly thwarted. A few shots into the cabin of the other ship convince the helmsmen to keep their heads down, unsuccessfully. WIth a cask of fuel oil and some good shooting from Verne the blue sparrow was enfufged in flame and was forced to make a retreat. This was not until after the deckhands were able to capture one of the boarding crew.

With a satisfying victory under their belts our group decided it was high time to get some answers from the pirate. At a undisclosed location they began a short and abruptly ended interrogation. There were able to uncover that the attack was not one of oppurtunity and was specifically designed to acquire four cannisters of liquid from their ship. During which time they learned that they were chartered out of a city called Ameribethia a smaller outlying city of Empire while they were extracting information from the prisoner Artemus caught a glimpse of muzzle flash, not quick enough to save Baxter the pirate some quick shooting saved the rest of the group for having to deal with a sniper. After which time they learned that he was associated with Lord Reginald Pitcannon. On their way back they learned that they were being tailed but a number of persons and it is assumed that this is how they knew of the location of the interogation.

Verne not liking to be the one being followed decided at the changing of the watch that he was going to get a little more information and followed the tail home. After being made and captured by his mark did a little interogation by gun point after damn near blowing his foot off learned that he was on his way to the Flores Hotel to deliver a message to room 3c. Nigel and Artemus upon hearing this launched a plan to turn this into an additional way to let Lord Pitcannon know that they were onto them and made a distraction that the Arch Bishop Pitcannon was going to get dragged into.

The eventful evening led itself into a relatively calm evening port side for the group, deciding to lay low in the ship since it appeared to be the nicest location that they could find, at least they knew they were tailed. The next morning broadsheets declared that Albion had built an A.N.G.E.L drive and that Prof. Fomorous Hughes the Iv was the one who did it. Having apprenticed with the original inventor of the drive Nigel knew that the chemicals that they transported were in fact the fuel for this type of drive. The messages that were sent to Lord Pitcannon were successful in finding their way to him and a trio of thugs extended a seemingly pleasant invite to the group. While Nigel and Artemus couldn’t resist Verne didn’t want to get mixed up with back alley deals decided to keep an eye on them from a small cafe across the street from the Flores Hotel. During which time Lord Pitcannon discussed what his plans were and attempted to make amends for having their ship attacked. During this time he made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. In exchange for manipulating the new drive he was going to make Artemus a wealthy man and Nigel was to be given a yacht and then disowned and forgotten by the Pitcannon gang.

The next day the thugs were back, this time dressed as Albion guards to escort in chains to the compound were the drive was being tested. He discovered that the drive was functional and helped design an exhaust pressure system that would help the drive function. His design was tragically flawed but this was his part of the plan. What is freedom worth. While Nigel was taking care of his part Nigel watched as two crates of broadsheets were being loaded into the cargo hold of the ship. While Albion and Maclavaia are on the brink of war these were sure to push them to war. He is to make sure that Capt Randall upholds his side of the bargain and takes them to Maclavalia to pay off a debt to Pitcannon and to make sure they find their way into the hands of one of Pitcannon’s lackeys.

The party safely away from the city of Empire enjoy a leisurely sunset on the deck of the ship. Looking back and pondering their actions, when a large Maclavalian gun ship signals them to stand down and trains their cannons on them. We take a moment to look at events occurring in Empire the drive tests were all successful with Nigel’s modifications and so they moved forward in putting it into a ship. During the test flight the drive failed catastrophically sending a flaming airship into city below. While Lord Reginald Pitcannon watched with a smile as his plans are now in motion

This was a very intense session with a lot of events starting to come to a head. I was quite pleased with how this all turned out. A long with a better understanding of how combat at the rules work. We briefly discussed that soon this story arch will be coming to a close and we are going to be starting the next. I hope to continue with this setting I just think that we are going to want to use Fate Core rules and have some new characters.



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