Sunday Story Time

Steampunk ep1

Things begin with a BANG!

Upon returning to the ship our players Seamus, Nigel and Artemus come upon four Albion guards discussing some seemingly urgent matters with the quartermaster Frankie. Figuring that this is a situation that discretion was the better portion of valor decided to take a stroll through the city of Metropolis, the capital of the Albion empire. Upon returning to the ship for the second time they come across Capt. Randall Wyatt discussing with a client a contract for a shipment that will take the team to AbsenAlc. A few new crew members were added due to the sensitive nature of the chemicals that they were picking up. NIgel having Apprenticed to the Inventor of the A.N.G.E.L drive recognized some of these chemicals as being portions of the drive. A few new faces were added to the crew a down and out PI that is trying to lay low, and a shadowy figure that is just looking for a place to hang his hat for a while joined the crew.

Landing at AbsenAlc the crew interrupts tea time to speak with Absen the owner of AbsenAlc and his head researcher, Dr. Birdain (Dr. Bird). During which Seamus recognized the good Dr. as being a disposal expert that he worked with on a couple of occasions while he was a knee-capper for Pitcannon. Absen while quite confused with this statement excused Dr. Bird back to his duties within the factory at which time the group was able to tell the factory was filled with a thick yellowish fog. This seemed to be reason that Dr. Bird donned his signature mask before re-entering the area.

At the rear of the building where the chemicals were being loaded into the ship an unfortunate incident occurred where the fourth and final canister was dropped. Nigel showing quite well why he was the Only survivor of A.N.G.E.L drive malfunction dove for cover away from the explosion. Pain dove towards the canister hoping to save the group from the explosion inadvertently knocked the canister towards one of the surgeons that was assisting with the offloading of these chemicals. This caused a scene were six more surgeons emerged. They approached the now prone Pain with the statement of “You took one of ours”. The group not really caring to see one of the players taken into the factory decided to fight back. The crew managed to recover a fourth canister undetected from within the factory and then took off towards the seeming safety of the sky.

We close this scene with the players returning to the relative calm of their jobs. When a cry from < > from the lower gunner nest of an approaching ship. The strange airship, marked with a blue sparrow, started to approach from the underside of the ship out of the cloud bank that they were travelling over.

During this session there was quite a bit of hand waiving and I am sorry for that since we were introducing, two new players and we have a potential third new player on deck as well. When it came to the combat with the surgeons I did in fact mess up how that combat worked. It was a lot more difficult than it should of been but that is the way that it goes sometimes, we are just learning the system. I am going to work on getting these characters and enemies posted in the wiki and character sheets so you know it will just take me a little more time



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