Sunday Story Time

Steampunk ep0

Character/World creation and a quick preview

Today was the first episode where we started to flesh out the world.

For the play we had the PC’s landing in the city of Empire which is the capital of Albion. The PCs are working for Capt. Randal Wyatt who is a small time shipping company. After receiving a small payment for their roles in the shipment the players decided to spend some of their hard earned money at one of their favorite dance establishments. Nigel after a few drinks decided to impress some of the locals in regards to the fact that he was the sole survivor of an A.N.G.E.L drive malfunction. Due to the interest of Albion in this drive this raised some interest from the local guards. Thanks to some fast thinking and heavy mugs at the bar the guards were dispatched by Nigel and Seamus.

After holing up for the evening at a local bare knuckle boxing arena for the evening after running from the guards, a very tired and sore group headed back to the ship to sleep off the evening before. Only to be greeted by 4 military guards at the ship speaking with Frankie the ships quartermaster.



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